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Frequently asked questions

What is Laser Eye Surgery? 

Laser Eye Surgery uses corrects poor vision by using advanced lasers to make small adjustments to the surface (cornea) of your eye. 

How long does Laser Eye Surgery take? 

Depending on the amount of correction needed, the session can take anywhere from seconds to minutes. 

What is the cost of Laser Eye Surgery?

It varies on the medical provider and the level of correction needed. Prices usually start at £595 per eye. 

Is it painful? 

The Laser Eye Surgery is generally pain-free itself. After the treatment when your eyes are healing, some patients can feel some discomfort. Most discomfort usually disappears in a matter of days. 

What will my vision be like after the surgery? 

After analysing data of over 40 million surgeries, over 99% achieved 20/20 vision. You'll see the world in a completely new manner, literally! 

Is it safe? 

Like with all surgeries, there exists small risks. You'll be happy to know that Laser Eye Surgery is the most performed surgeries with a success rate of over 99%. 

Are there different types of Laser Eye Surgeries? 

Yes there 2 well known technologies. LASIK & LASEK. They both are incredibly reliable and take over 1,000 measurements to create your personalised eye profile. Your consultant will be able to advice on picking the best option.  

Am I suitable for Laser Eye Surgery? 

Over 85% of people of those who want the surgery are in good physical condition to carry out the procedure. In the cases where the procedure cannot be performed, patients are either too young or significantly deteriorated eye health. 

Can I have Laser Eye Surgery if I am long or short-sighted or have an astigmatism? 

While these conditions can make the procedure more complex, in most cases the answer is yes!

Fun Fact:

Laser Eye Technology was a spin-off technology initially developed by NASA to correct their astronauts eye-sight.